Airbus Group Endeavr Wales

The overall objectives are:


To discover and understand, through a programme of world class research, technologies that will support sustainable development.


To grow and strengthen regional industrial and academic capabilities of strategic importance to the partners.


To promote and facilitate the exploitation of technologies developed, to the economic benefit of the regions involved.

Formation and Structure

Airbus Group and the WAG, supported by Cardiff University (representing the interests of all universities in the region) were originally contracted via a Joint Venture but have now met their stated aim and become a company limited by guarantee to deliver high value R and T.

The Airbus Group Endeavr Wales is a not for profit Company between Airbus Group, the Welsh Assembly Government and Cardiff University ensuring that R&T in the UK is maximised with minimal overall governance whilst maintaining flexibility and is beneficial to all. This is in addition to the Airbus Group R&T direct funding activities with Regional, National and European administrations.